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The Liberal Jewish Fellowship

Services at The LJF strive to synthesize the very best of more than 200 years of progressive Judaism:


Theologically, this means we embrace universalism even as we understand our own Jewish peoplehood as central to our aspirations for all humankind.

Ritually, this means we sanctify the spiritual over the material, and we recognize outward piety is no substitute for inner devotion.

Ceremonially, this means we encourage a casual atmosphere even as we insist on decorum in prayer.


Liturgically, this means we transform traditional prayers likely to contradict our lived experience, and we reclaim our people's lost and marginalized voices.


Musically, this means we sing together, and, drawing on Judaism's diverse musical heritage, we choose settings that are both singable and preserve the dignity of the text.


Our worship is defined not by tradition nor innovation, but by our inherited tradition of innovation. Join us as the Judaism of yesterday becomes the Judaism of tomorrow.

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